Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thank you to all 41 Guest Poets!!!!!

Now, that was a fast five weeks! A great big THANK YOU to all 41 Guest Poets who came to visit my Creative Writing class this summer at Occidental College Upward Bound. You ALL rocked and turned my students into poets!!
Monday, June 26th - Jackie Chou, Seven Dhar & Gregory Foster
Tuesday, June 27th - Mary Frances Spencer & Mary Torregrossa
Wednesday, June 28th - Bibi Caspari & Alyssa Crow
Thursday, June 29th - Mona Jean Cedar & Rick Leddy
Friday, June 30th - Cls Ferguson & Rolland Vasin
Monday, July 3rd - F Douglas BrownArt Currim & Mike Sonksen
Wednesday, July 5th - Derek Brown & Josette Siqueiros
Thursday, July 6th - Chuka Susan Chesney & Lida Parent Harris
Friday, July 7th - Lynda La Rose & Karineh Mahdessian
Monday, July 10th - Kirsten Ogden
Tuesday, July 11th - Pete Justus & Jeanne Marie Spicuzza
Wednesday, July 12th - Carl Stilwell & Luis Villalobos
Thursday, July 13th - Ava BirdPogo Saito & Tina YB
Friday, July 14th - Jack G. Bowman
Monday, July 17th - Deborah P Kolodji & Chris Paradox
Tuesday, July 18th - Erika Ayon & Scott Kaestner
Wednesday, July 19th - Jessica Ceballos Campbell & Rich Ferguson
Thursday, July 20th - Jessica Wilson Cardenas & Juan Cardenas
Monday, July 24th - Beverly M. Collins & Frank Mundo
Tuesday, July 25th - Suzanne OConnell & Beverly Higginson
Thank you all so much!!!!!