Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Wow! I'm happy to say long ago I learned the best way to show teens writing is cool is by bringing in Guest Poets, every day! Thanks to you, my poet friends. You are helping make this mission come true again, because, once more, I'm depending on you to volunteer to come in for one hour, share three of your own poems, answer any questions the kids might have (and they will, as many of you know), and maybe even offer a writing idea to them (if you wish). I definitely owe you one for this!
Monday, June 22nd - THANK YOU Jessica Wilson Cardenas & Juan Cardenas
Tuesday, June 23rd - THANK YOU Jackie Chou & Luis Villalobos
Wednesday, June 24th - THANK YOU Jeanne Marie Spicuzza & Rolland Vasin
Thursday, June 25th – THANK YOU Gerda Govine & Zachary Jensen
Friday, June 26th - THANK YOU Alice Pero
Monday, June 29th - THANK YOU Raquel Reyes-Lopez & Sarah Tatro
Tuesday, June 30th - THANK YOU Andres Bermejo & Mary Frances Spencer
Wednesday, July 1st - THANK YOU Judy Barrat & Abel Salas
Thursday, July 2nd - THANK YOU Lynne Bronstein & Monica Lee Copeland
Friday, July 3rd - THANK YOU Scott Kaestner
Monday, July 6th - THANK YOU Paul Manchester & Lauri Ramey
Tuesday, July 7th - THANK YOU Elsa Frausto & Maja Trochimczyk
Wednesday, July 8th - THANK YOU Neil Aitken & Jack G. Bowman
Thursday, July 9th – THANK YOU Jessica Ceballos & Art Currim
Friday, July 10th - THANK YOU Marvin L. Dorsey & Carl Stilwell

Monday, July 13th - THANK YOU J. Evert Jones & Kiyatana Sapp
Tuesday, July 14th - THANK YOU Bill Friday & Mary Torregrossa
Wednesday, July 15th - THANK YOU Pete Justus & Mani Suri
Thursday, July 16th - THANK YOU Sean Hill & Matt Sedillo

Monday, July 20th - THANK YOU Christy Ramirez & Anna UreƱa
Tuesday, July 21st - THANK YOU Jeni Bate & Beverly M. Collins

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