Sunday, October 5, 2014


These wonderful people are going to perform their poetry on Wednesday afternoons for my high school class in Alhambra. They will definitely show my teenagers that writing creatively and sharing it rules! Poet Hour is from 2:45 to 3:45. Here is the list of those who have already performed for my students and those who have confirmed they plan to visit:
Sept. 24th - THANK YOU Elmast Kozloyan
Oct. 1st - THANK YOU Rolland Vasin
Oct. 8th - THANK YOU Lynne Bronstein
Oct. 15th - THANK YOU Scott Nichols and Marvin L. Dorsey
Oct. 22nd - THANK YOU Tanya Ko
Oct. 29th - THANK YOU Carl Stilwell
Nov. 5th - THANK YOU Thelma T. Reyna
Nov. 12th - THANK YOU Karen Greenbaum-Maya
Nov. 19th - THANK YOU Judy Barrat
Dec. 3rd - THANK YOU Toti O'Brien
Dec. 10th - THANK YOU Nancy Lynée Woo
Dec. 17th - THANK YOU Steve Ramirez
Jan. 7th - THANK YOU Karineh Mahdessian
Jan. 14th - THANK YOU Anna Ureña
Jan. 21st - THANK YOU Pete Justus
Feb. 4th - THANK YOU Peggy Dobreer
Feb. 11th - THANK YOU J. Evert Jones
Feb. 18th - THANK YOU Anhthao Bui and Jackie Chou
Feb. 25th - THANK YOU Jesus Aldana-Alba
Mar. 4th - THANK YOU Alessander Xavier
Mar. 11th - THANK YOU Jim Bolt
Mar. 18th - THANK YOU Beverly Lafontaine
Mar. 25th -  THANK YOU Charles Claymore
Apr. 1st - THANK YOU Mary Langer Thompson
Apr. 13th - THANK YOU Kristina Wong
Apr. 22nd - THANK YOU JD Glasscock
Apr. 29th - THANK YOU Beverly M. Collins
May 6th - THANK YOU Lynne Thompson
May 11th - THANK YOU Joe Luu

May 13th - THANK YOU Bill Friday
May 20th - THANK YOU Kevin Ridgeway
May 27th - THANK YOU Mary Torregrossa
June 3rd - Chelle Angelini and Gerda Govine Ituarte