Friday, December 21, 2012


Performed a very enjoyable poetry writing workshop in October and November for Red Hen Press at Van Nuys High School.  Here are the students' thank you notes:

Dear Kingfisher, Well i just wanted to say thank you for your time and fun workshops. Even though I don't feel like a poet, your workshops have shown me that any little topic can be turned into a well written poem. By far, this has to have been the most entertaining workshop that has been offered to Ms. Osman's English class. -Kiara

Dear Kingfisher, Hi Fishie! You're so funny, and you're really cool actually. I enjoyed making poems with your methods, I didn't know that I had the ability to write poems.. until YOU came along :D! So thank you for that. Ciao. P.S, Tears for Fears is amazing, jus' sayin'. Always, Ani.

dear kingfisher thank you kingfisher for showing us the basic methods on how poetry is written and read. After my experience with you teaching me on how to write poetry i have started writing some poetry of my self. thank you for the visit KINGFISHER xD

Dear Kingfisher, thank you for everything. It was a lot of fun learning about poetry and all the poems were very entertaining. It helped me open up more and it showed the little creativity I have.

Dear King Fisher, I am very thankful for you coming to our class and helping us get a better understanding on how to write poems and be able to express our creative abilities. I for one, LOVE writing poems, and learning about them was very fascinating. It helped me get better, become more creative, and also learn new, interesting ways to write a poem. I'm also very thankful for letting me keep the rose that I got from the brown paper bag; it was SO beautiful. I wish you a good life and many more poems for you to write and publish. Please come again to our class! You made Mondays less horrible for me :) Sincerely, Leisa (the brave soul who always reads in class)

Dear King Fisher, I took my time to write this short letter to say Thank You! I really loved the workshop and the new things I learned about poetry. Especially writing my own poems because I never thought I could write a poem out of nothing. You were Great! I enjoyed the way you read your poems. Also, I really really liked the poem about remembering your father. It was Awesome.. I hope to see your poems in a book someday. You're a great Poet. Thanks so much for coming to share some of your expertise with us. I Loved the experience. With love, Escarleth P.S. I'm sending the poem i wrote :) Thankkk Yoouuu!!

Dear Kingfisher, Thank you for coming on Mondays to help with my poetry. I really did learn a lot, since I never really wrote poetry. What you came up with really fascinated me. sincerely Jennifer

Dear Kingfisher,
I really enjoyed your visits to our school the past 4 weeks. You inspired me to write poetry. I hadn't written too much in the past because I didn't feel like I was able to do it. But with your techniques helped me out a lot. I wrote some poems that I am proud of with your help. Hopefully you are able to achieve your dream of becoming a professor in the future. It was really fun having you here.

Dear Kingfisher I would like to thank you for coming every Monday and teaching us poetry. It was very helpful and I learned a lot. Thank you so much for enlightening my mind. - sincerely Nexaly

Thank you Kingfisher for coming weekly for the past four weeks and sharing your knowledge about poetry. I appreciate the help on improving my writing and it was very inspirational.---Elsa

THANK you king fisher!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great for you to come and share your poetry with us! Out of the people that came to our class, you were by far the coolest!!! You taught me a lot about poetry and you made our whole experience here fun!!! Please come back!!!!! Thank you again!!!!! ---Sheryl

Dear King Fisher, You were a wonderful teacher. Thank you for teaching us poetry and for letting me keep the little blue car you found in a drive way. Sincerely, Zenia

Thank you for spending those 4 Mondays with us Kingfisher! It was really really really fun and awesome! I've never been involved in a poetry workshop so it was really cool! Very interesting! Your poems were really interesting and awesome! It was very enjoyable! Made my Mondays less dreadful! Thank you!---Anna

Dear Kingfisher, Youre The Sickest!!!!! Thank You For The Fantastic Workshop We Had It Was Really Fun. Hope One Of Your Poems Does Get Published. ---Cesar

Hey man (kingfisher) thanks for comin to mrs. Osman's a class . It was very Interesting and entertaining . Poetry grew on me because how you read the poetry and how I was able to express myself in writing . So thank you for everything !!

Dear Kingfisher, thank you for everything you've done for us. In these past Mondays I've learned a lot from you. Through your knowledge, and humor I learned that we can just relax and write out everything that we sees and dream. We don't have to think a lot while making poetry. After all Thank you!---Tien

Dear kingfisher, Thx for the fun workshops we had together. Had a great time and a way better feel for poetry. I understand poetry more and enjoy writing my own now

Dear King Fisher, thank you for coming out and sharing with us your great techniques. I've never felt so creative but I felt this let me be creative, writing everything that came to mind and putting it together in a way that made sense. It was a wonderful experience and I can honestly see myself continuing to write or at least attempt to write poetry. Thanks for the knowledge and thanks for the insight.

Dear Kingfisher, I would like to thank you for the creative workshop. It helped me improve my poetry skills. And I also learned a lot on how to be creative and on how to write poetry with ease.---Kevin

Kingfisher. thank you very much for coming to our class and teaching us different methods of writing poetry. It was really cool how we wrote poems by putting random words together. It was also a really cool idea when you gave us those little bags with different objects in them. Hope to hear about your success some time. thank you, sincerely Vicente

Thank you so much Mr. Kingfisher i had such a fun time doing those poetry workshops they were so fun that i am going to miss them. Thank you for teaching us different types of poetry and sharing some of your poems with us.---Brian