Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6th Grade Poet!!!!!!

Anthony P. Gonzalez of Burbank Middle School wrote this recently in my poetry workshop there:


I walk home
in freshness
for millions of
drops of water

Then I sit
for roasted
crispy chicken
and liquid

After I finish
I get a cold
icy treat on
a stick

Next I kick
a ball with
black pentagons
on it

When I come
I have
liquid from skin

Finally I fall
on cotton
and close eyes
for another day

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New compilation for school use...

...contains 12 food poems (a very delicious subject) I share with high school students to inspire them to create poetry in classroom workshops:

A Bowl

French Toast

Owed To Aluminum

Wanna Go With Me?

Another Green World

If I Could Smell Heaven

99 Cent Store Life

Nap Kin

El Planeta De Los Oreos

Just An Apple

13 Ways Of Looking At Little Chocolate Donuts

One Potato, Two Potato

Order your copy by going to, selecting Send Money, and directing payment of $5 (shipping included) to, then just wait by the ol' mailbox for fast first-class delivery.