Sunday, March 15, 2009

A big gig!

On April 2nd, as part of National Poetry Month, I will be leading 13 poets to perform our poetry for 13 Napa Elementary School classrooms in Northridge. Now, that's exciting! Here are the poets who will be joining me there:

3rd grade
MINA KIRBY - Carolyn Taylor's Room 1
SHARMAGNE LELAND-ST.JOHN - Nancy Gelber's Room 4
RADOMIR LUZA - Arnold Rosenthal's Room 23
LAURA LONGORIA - Karen Eskildsen's Room 24

4th grade
RON GREGUS - Elizabeth Cross' Room 37
TOTI O'BRIEN - Donna King's Room 38
POET X - Cecilia Garcia's Room 30
MICHELLE ANGELINI - Christina Riggs' Room 29

5th grade
JEFFRY JENSEN - Tina Gilmore's Room 25
BETH CHENG - Rebecca Platt's Room 26
CALOKIE - Emilio Arauz' Room 27
MAJA TROCHIMCZYK - Christy Moore's Room 28

We'll be performing between 1:15pm and 2:15pm. One poet to a classroom. Performing three poems, answering any questions, and sharing a writing idea. Oh, and receiving a $20 stipend too.

Here's a Google Map that shows the school's exact location:

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How's that!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shared a poem with Ms. Foley's students yesterday...

...shared "I Got The American Right" at Garfield High School and a student dared me to write a poem on the spot, so I got out my look around the room technique, and here 'tis:


My face feels out of order

One eye higher than the other

I'm a beautiful pig

Posing by a big flower

I say welcome to my world

It's time to draw hearts

Walk through open doors

Dream about college days

Then I get a light bulb

In the TV screen of my brain

I am turning into Shakespeare

See, my forehead rises

Like a proud pinata

Standing firm but fragile

Like a row of books on a shelf

We'll all be dust in another century